Ms. Daugherty's Class
Instructor: Shirley Daugherty   

Class Announcements
May Progress Report

Student’s Name ______________________ 4th Nine Weeks May 2017

Teachers Name Daugherty / Milan____________________

Holy Family School Elementary Weekly Progress Report

1 2 3 4 5 6
Weekly Conduct (S, N, U)
1-5 8-12 15-19 22-26 Comments
Controls talking Week 1. SWBAT recognize and spell the 10 basic color words.
Respects authority SWBAT match the letter with the correct sound.
Practices self-control Week 2. SWBAT print upper and lower case alphabets
Follows directions SWBAT match the body parts with the correct sense.
Shows respect to student Week 3. SWBAT recognize and match rhyming words
Work and plays well with others SWBAT printing numbers from 1-30 on primary line paper
Work Habits (S, N, U)
Week 4. SWBAT name, recognize and match positional words.
SWBAT add and subtract colorful objects
Practices good listening skills

Dress self and tie shoes Week 5
Makes good use of time
Works independently Week 6
Color details neatly within the lines
Completes work in a timely manner S-satisfactory, N- needs improvement, U-unsatisfactory

Weekly Academic Progress

Teacher’s Comments

Parent’s Comments

Print upper and lower case letters on the primary line paper. Weekly Assessments1
Print and spell the ten basic color words S, N, U
Identify and match beginning sounds Weekly Assessments 2
Print numbers from 1-30 S, N, U
Match ending sounds of words Weekly Assessments 3
Listening Comprehension Skills S, N, U
Print the letters in their first and last name on the primary line paper correctly. Weekly Assessments 4
Parent’s Signature S, N, U
Week 1 Week3
Week 2 Week 4

Classroom Notes To Parents

Holy Family Pre K-4 Behavior Plan

Holy Family PreK3 & PreK4 Golden Rule:
“No child has the right to prevent someone else from learning”

Class Rules

1. Listen and follow directions.
2. Keep hands, feet, and objects where they belong.
3. Be kind and respect others.
4. Work and walk quietly in the building.
5. Do not talk when the teacher or anyone else is talking.
6. No talking back to an adult.

A daily report will be sent home noting the child’s color for the day. The chart is to be initialed daily. If your child’s chart is not returned daily, a mandatory meeting will be scheduled. We believe as a parent / guardian you should be informed about your child.

Color Code
Green – Great Job!
Yellow – Warning
Blue – Lose center time
Orange – Lose five minutes of recess.
Red – Note or call home to parent.

Rewards: At the end of the week if your child has only Green Cards showing, he/she will be recognized and rewarded. After ten consecutive days, if the entire class has had only Green Cards, they will have a party. We will use other types of positive reinforcement: Extra Recess, Stickers, Stamps, and Free Dress Day.

With this system we are reinforcing positive behavior. If your child persists in negative behavior which prevents other children from learning, I will contact you. Please reinforce at home the idea that each child is responsible for his/her behavior, and must bear the consequences of that behavior.
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